Edible Piedmont is a community-based publication that promotes the abundance of local foods in the greater Piedmont area of North Carolina (Triad, Triangle and Charlotte). We celebrate the growers, producers, retailers, artisans, chefs, bakers, home cooks, and others who energize our community with authentic, locally based food choices.

Monday, October 4, 2010

10 % Campaign Challenge

All across North Carolina, businesses and individuals are pulling together for a cause and challenge...spend 10% of your normal food bill on local foods and products.  This is a SMALL amount to help support our local farmers and the hard working people that truly help feed this state and keep North Carolina a leader in a local food frenzy market.  Local food is SO readily available everywhere from roadside stands to your local grocery store  and its because of the hard working farmers that work day in a day out to help feed us.  If your average food bill is $100 a week, all you have to spend is $10 a week at a local farmers market, local grocery store,  you will find out buying these products, taste better, they are healthier for you and again you are supporting your neighbors, friends, and families that depend on their farm land to make a living.  Lets keep North Carolina crazy about local, accept the challenge and make a difference in the way you eat and knowing where your food comes from.   

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall is around the corner!!

Fall is just around the corner, the leaves begin to change, the cool winter air begins to set in and the hustle of winter holidays start to fill the spirits of us all. At the test kitchen of Edible Piedmont we have been blanching beans and stocking up on various tomato products to make it through the winter.  But we have also been stocking up on winter holiday favorites such as Brunswick stew!!  We made 3 gallons the other day and froze it for Christmas time.  This time of year in the Piedmont area is my favorite time of year!!!